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Here's what I have been working on since September 2017.

This list includes work that I did before I learned how to code, but had to develop and launch a website anyway.


Bugtwitter is a fullstack bug tracking app with a UI borrowed from Twitter. It allows users to report and track bugs, add supporting images…


ryanoshea.dev presents me as a developer to the web development community and marketplace. I choose Gatsby after listening to Kyle Matthews…

Musician Brochure Sites

Developed two sites for musical projects. After having success with Carl Smith's artist page we agreed to work on two other projects and…

Resume App

A web application that generates unique URLs so that job candidates can track who sees their work. The resume app is now longer maintained…


An agency that targets low value markets and creates jobs for workers entering the development job market. This project is a reaction to my…

Exit Route

Used a website builder Carrd to create and launch website for personal projects. This project started before my formal training as web…

Freelance Website

Used a website builder Carrd to create and launch website for my now defunct freelance teaching business. This project started before my…

Carl Smith Art

Used Squarespace to set up a website for Berlin artist Carl Smith See the site Website

Onboarding Service

My first experience in developing a concept for a website and a business See the website Website

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