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ryanoshea.dev presents me as a developer to the web development community and marketplace.

I choose Gatsby after listening to Kyle Matthews on podcasts and hearing people speak positively about the developer experience.

The Gatsby documentation describes developing with Gatsby in simple terms, and my first experience produced expected results quickly.

After getting into the weeds of SSG and SSR in the resume site I wanted to try both css modules and styled-components as ways to organise css, therefore both are still in the project.

This site and the one before was also my first try with CSS Grid.


  • Gatsby
  • React
  • style-components and CSS Modules
  • CSS Grid
  • Netlify

Learning Points

  • more practice thinking in terms of Atomic design is needed
    • I like this stack
  • but that might be the beginner talking
  • the obstacle is the way
    • ryanoshea.dev is a place for me to implement solutions from scratch


Deployed and active.

Enhancements planned:

  • SEO
  • Contact form
  • Replies to blog posts
  • Share buttons

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