Musician Brochure Sites


Developed two sites for musical projects.

After having success with Carl Smith's artist page we agreed to work on two other projects and make two new websites.

  • A solo musical project called Casa Electro Novo

    • This project didn't have an existing site

See the website


  • A website for a band called The Instant Tigers

    • new site would replace existing site

See the website


Tech Stack

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Both deployed on Netlify
  • JQuery on
  • Materialize on
  • Everylayout on
  • Both use

Development Notes

As a developer I wanted to get back to basics after using Gatsby, styledcomponents and React for

For the client this would mean more secure deadlines since few things would go wrong, and give a more certain delivery date.

One thing I did not learn in my course was very weak on website layout, as we were expected to work with designers.

For these websites I choose a single page, single column layout, with a lightbox for the gallery section. was part of a relaunch for the act and needed the incorporation of pictures from a recent photoshoot.

I decided to take one picture and set it as a background and attach a scroll method using JQuery to fade the picture. This was borrowed and adapted from

To ensure delivery time and quality, I also decided to use Materialize for layout, cards and the form. I decided to use Everylayout in to compare the experience and results with Materialize.

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