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Ryan O'Shea is a Software Engineer from Dalry, Scotland who has lived and worked in Berlin, Germany since 2003.

He loves to build, learn and fix things. Software engineering gives him daily satisfaction, since there is always something new to make, or bugs to fix.

Before software engineering, Ryan had a 12 year career in edtech with Wall Street English and Pearson as a manager, trainer and teacher.

He also has a education and training in architectural design from the University of Strathcylde in Glasgow.

Fun fact: if he's running a workshop with a warm-up where the introduction needs a "fun fact", he usually says something about: Sandor CleganePete Doherty, or Max Zander.

Tech Stack

Since making the decision to develop a third career, Ryan has added a set of tools and skills needed to work on web applications.

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Typescript
SASS, Bootstrap, Chakra, MUI, styled-components, React, Redux, Next, Gatsby, Vue, Vuex
Node, Express, Prisma, tRPC, MongoDB, Mongoose, Postgres
Dev Tools
Ubuntu, MacOS, VSCode, Bash, Git
Netlify, Vercel
Scrum, Kanban, Wardley Maps


This is the short version of Ryan's career and is optimised to support your decision making process. For more depth see his Linkedin page.

June 2022 - present
Junior Software Engineer
HoloBuilder, Aachen
August 2019 - May 2022
Freelance Web Developer
July 2018 - July 2019
Web Development Trainee
Digital Career Institute, Berlin
September 2005 - December 2016
School Manager
Wall Street Institute, Berlin
October 1994 - June 1999
BSc Architectural Studies

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